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How to Use the Database

Successful searches produce a tabular specimen list that can be further explored to find complete specimen data including images (if available).

Display records per page (999 max)
Select the maximum number of lines in each page on your tabular report. Searches can produce thousands of records and limiting the results into smaller "pages" makes it easier for some computers to handle the volume. Enter a number between 1 and 999.
Indicate if online images are available
This checkbox adds a yes/no column to the report indicating the availability of images.

Choose search criteria
These list boxes display field data and contain a single instance of all values within that field. Field values are sorted in ascending order. Use the scroll bars to browse the list. Highlight a field with a mouse-click to include it in the search and tabular report. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key to highlight and make multiple selections; clicking an already highlighted item with the Ctrl key will unselect it. Use as few selection boxes as possible to your advantage. Making multiple selections in multiple fields can falsely report that data is unavailable. For instance, only use one taxon list box to find specimen data and add other taxon fields to the tabular report with the column/sort options (see below).

Class: Group:
Set column/sort order (optional)
Identify the columns in the report. Highlight a number in one or more of these boxes to include that field in the report. The number value serves in two ways: to position the field column and sort the data using lowest number value as the primary key. By default, catalog numbers occupy the first column and are used as the primary sort key if no boxes in this section are selected.
Class Group Epoch
New Search Form
Always use the "Search" button to begin the search. Pressing the Enter key is unpredictable. At least one selection in either the list boxes or column/sort boxes must be made. "New Search Form" refreshes this page to its initial values.
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