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This site provides access to selected data and images in the museum collections. As of May 2010, the number of available records is 308,257.

Please note: We are continually updating taxonomy and checking specimen identifications and associated information, but outdated names, mistaken identifications, and erroneous localities inevitably occur. We urge investigators to verify all data by direct examination of the specimens, and we appreciate notification of discrepancies.

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Section of Invertebrate Zoology
This database is hosted by an individual scientific section on an external Web site. For search help, please consult the staff directly using the contact information provided on their site.

Section of Mammals

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Section of Vertebrate Paleontology

Bird Banding at Powdermill Avian Research Center

  • For information about bird banding records, please contact Powdermill Nature Reserve at 724.593.7521.
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